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From the mind of Jason Adams & Thee Teen-Aged, the "Tough Kid" collection introduces a small series of made in thee USA products including ephemera inspired tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats & the toughest of Thee Teen-Aged jeans, at a price fit for "The Kid".
Most people think there are only two ways of doing things, the right way & the wrong way, but we did it our way. Thee Teen-Aged  is proud to introduce "Tough Kid", a breeding ground for good, clean, American rough & tumble fun. From sling shots & BB guns to concrete & urethane, "Tough Kid" embraces every race, gender, & creed, where the only requirement for entry is four urethane wheels & a calling for adventure. Inspired by the outcasts, punks, & rebels of the past we looked up to, "Tough Kid" is Thee Teen-Aged vision of American history re-written.